Hurricane Florence Eyewall Slamming Wilmington NC – 9/14/2018

Hurricane Florence makes landfall in Wilmington NC with violent winds and intense rain.
Shot Description

SHOT 1: Outdoor view of a downtown Wilmington street as it is rocked by 90-100mph gusts.
SHOT 2 & 3: Panning shot of intense eyewall winds as a vehicle passes by.
SHOT 4: Violent wind& rain shake the camera on an empty Wilmington street.
SHOT 5: Closer-up of the intense wind & spray, panning to an empty street.
SHOT 6 & 7: A storm chasing vehicle in the midst of intense winds & rain the Hurricane Florence’s eyewall.
SHOT 8: Inside vehicle shot of intense winds & rain raking the streets of Wilmington.
SHOT 9: Inside vehicle shot of intense wind & rain, as a voice over the radio confirms a measured wind gust of 101 mph.
SHOT 10: A brightly-lit gas station with strong winds & rain, just prior to Florence’s landfall.
SHOT 11: A broken tree branch hangs down over a flooding street.

SID: David Lewison

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