Lagrange, NY Amazing Thunderstorm Timelapse & B-Roll – 5/31/2017

A rare supercell thunderstorm passes over LaGrange NY, with an intense rotating wall cloud, high winds and hail.

Shot Description

SHOT 1: Overall timelapse video showing the development of the supercell and the intense rotation as it passes directly overhead.

SHOT 2: Timelapse video of the storm's base, as seen from a nearby park.

SHOT 3: Timelapse video zoomed in on the storm's rotating wall cloud.

SHOT 4: Real-time video of the storm's wall cloud, showing how intense the rotation was.

SHOT 5: Panning shot from the storm's base, down to the ground with quarter sized hail beginning to fall.

SHOT 6: Copious amounts of quarter-sized hail bouncing in a grass field.

SHOT 7: Wind-driven hail & rain as a car attempts to drive away.

SHOT 8: Wide shot of a vehicle as the high-winds blow rain & hail

SHOT 9: Trees bend over in the high winds.

SHOT 10: Drivers panic in the hail storm and pull over to the side of
the road to take cover under the trees.

SHOT 11: Canadian Geese look on as the storm pulls away in the distance.