3/4/2015 Southern, IL Overnight Semi Crashes B-Roll


3/4/2015 Central OK Snow And Travel Headache

Shot 1 shows a car that has smashed into a guard rail along I35. Traffic moves by slowly. This is a tight shot.

Shot 2 shows a car that has smashed into a guard rail along I35. Traffic moves by slowly. This is a wide shot.

Shot 3 shows a police officer helping a car that has crashed into a ditch along I35. This is a medium shot.

3/4/2015 Marion, IL Heavy Snow & Traffic Accidents

A major winter storm is impacting the Ohio Valley with heavy snow and sleet hammering southern Illinois. WINTER STORM WARNINGS are in effect through Thursday morning as up to 10 inches of snow could fall by daybreak. Gusty winds are also creating near-zero visibilities along the roads.

Scene 1-3: Various shots of the Marion water tower overlooking I-57 in very heavy snowfall.

3/3/2015 Afternoon MN Ground blizzard footage

This afternoon the winds were screaming across west central Minnesota as a ground blizzard was impacting the area.  The blowing and drifting snow from the ground blizzard made for slick driving conditions and dangerous roads.

Clip 1 Driving on interstate 94 near Sauk Centre MN as a wall of snow was off in the distance.  This looked like a Haboob of snow.

3/3/2015 Clearwater, MN Interstate 94 Crash Pile Up - B-Roll

New B-Roll footage of the chain reaction aftermath crash that shut down both lanes of Interstate 94.  

That is correct, not just one side of the Interstate but within a quarter mile of the east bound and westbound lanes of traffic
their were brutal wrecks that closed the Interstate in both directions.

3/3/2015 Willmar, MN Overnight Snow

Just after 1:00 in the morning the snow before the blizzard started up in the western Minnesota city of Willmar.

Various B-Roll shots of snow falling with traffic and general B-Roll of snow falling along highway 71 in the heart of the city.


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