Caguas, PR, Hurricane Maria - 9/20/2017

Hurricane Maria in SE Puerto Rico footage
Shot Description

1). Shots of large waves near El Negro / Palmas Del Mar (SE tip of Puerto Rico) from high cliff.

2). Waves near Palmas Del Mar.

3). People watching waves.

Belgrade, MN Storms and Damage 9/20/2017

Extreme Winds and vivid lightning hit western Stearns County, MN this evening and caused extensive damage around the town of Belgrade, MN.

Hurricane Maria, Humacao, Puerto Rico Power flashes 9/19/2017

Multiple powerflashes, downed trees and limbs, palms blowing in high winds as bulk of Powerful Category 5 Hurricane Maria approaches Humacoa, Puerto Rico.

Tropical Storm Jose Major Storm Surge Broad Channel, NY 9/19/2017

Significant storm surge inundates the town of Broad Channel near the Rockaways as Hurricane Jose closes in on the Northeast.

Shot Description

Key West, FL Irma Damage & Recovery Mallory Square - 9/17/2017

Latest remote HD camera footage of Hurricane Irma damage and recovery at Key West at Mallory Square, cruise ship docks, Sunset Key. Also shows Navy, Coast Guard, DHLS, and FEMA vessels in action at Key West responding to disaster needs.
Shot Description


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