Extreme flash flooding in Mulvane, KS - 8/19/2016

Heavy rain fell southeast of Wichita, Kansas creating major flooding problems for the town of Mulvane. Many homes and vehicles suffered flooding after 5-7" of rain had fallen over the area.
Shot Description

1) A truck driving through floodwater.

Kansas City, MO Overnight Storms - 8/19/2016

Heavy Thunderstorms rolled through Kansas City tonight right near sunset. Tower cam timelapse video of mammatus clouds, then shelf cloud rolling in with lightning and heavy rain at dusk and into the night time hours. Also normal speed lightning video clips in the storm.

Amazing Shelf Cloud and Storms in the Chicago Metro - 8/19/2016

Video of an amazing shelf cloud from this mornings storms overtaking the Chicago metro area.  Footage from the Chicago suburb of Wauconda, Illinois, IL

Shot Description

Barron County, WI Lightning - 8/16/2016

Strong thunderstorms moved through Barron County this evening. They produce an intense lightning show for the area. First part of the video was shot about 5 miles East of Cumberland WI. The second part was shot about 3 Miles Northeast of Rice Lake WI.

Franklin County ,IL Flooding Closes Roads - 8/16/2016

Several days of rain finally came to an end on Tuesday after dumping over a foot in places across southern Illinois. Many areas received easily two months worth of rain in four days. Flooding continued today as waters from area ditches and creeks continued to overflow into fields and roads, causing officials to close many roads across the region.


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