Rico, CO Rain and Aspens Fall Colors - 9/29/2016

Rain falls on golden Aspen trees in Rico, Colorado at 9,000 feet in the San Juan Mountains.
Shot Description

Rain runs off a roof

View of aspens in rain

Main street Rico

Bike windshield with rain

Bikers in Rico

Main street colors

Aspen colors

Winnetka, IL Waterspout and Rainbow on Lake Michigan - 9/29/2016

Jesse Walters of JWSevereWeather, Inc documents several waterspouts along the shores of Lake Michigan in Winnetka, Illinois. The final waterspout surged inland from outflow winds crossing directly overhead as it dissipated.
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Saint Cloud, MN Northern Lights - 9/29/2016

A G-1 magnetic storm is hitting the upper atmosphere of the earth and creating some vivid Auroras as far south as Saint Cloud, MN.
Shot Description

Various Time Lapse clips of the Aurora Borealis from the northeast side of Saint Cloud, MN

Thompson, MB Canada - Unbelievable Northern Lights Corona - 9/28/2016

G2 Geomagnetic storm caused northern lights displays around Canada and the upper midwest of the United States. The northern lights (Aurora Borealis) are caused by particles that are released by the sun that interact with our magnetic field.
Shot Description

Manasota Key, FL RedTide Fish Kill - 9/28/2016

B-roll footage of fish kill on Manasota Key, FL due to Red Tide. Various shots of beach, dead fish on beach included tripod video and aerial video. Shots of beach signs warning of Red Tide, as well as location signs.
Shot Description

Fall Colors along Rist Canyon - Bellvue, Colorado - 9/27/2016 - 4K

Fall Colors are peaking in the upper elevations and just starting to peak down around 8,000 feet closer into town. This video is some different scenes from Rist Canyon, west of Bellvue, Colorado.

Florida Keys Stormy Timelapse - 9/27/2016

Volatile tropical atmospheric conditions bring storms and heavy rain to the Florida Keys. Amazing timelapse from Mallory Square in Key West shows storm moving in. Normal speed clips of storm and heavy rain from Key West and Marathon Key in the FL Keys.

Independence Pass Fall Foliage, Aspen CO - 9/26/2016

Peak aspen tree foliage on Independence Pass near Aspen, Colorado.
Shot Description

Traffic amidst aspen tourists.

Cars driving up Independence Pass from Aspen.

East of Aspen bike trail through the famous trees.

Cedar Rapids, IA Major Flooding - 9/26/2016

Flood waters continue to rise ahead of crest on Tuesday morning. City has been shut down for several days while preparations were executed. Flood water was just below 20' at 12PM Monday, expected crest is 23'.
Shot Description

Florida Keys Stormy Weather - 9/26/2016

Tropical instability returns to the Florida Keys as storms line up the whole island chain bringing special marine warnings for bouts of wind driven rain. NWS Key West is calling for a moderate risk of waterspouts today throughout the FL Keys.
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