12/18/2014 Kansas City, MO Morning Snow Clean Up B-Roll

Kansas City received a few more then the 1\"-3\" of snow expected overnight. The city was on top of the clean up with the roads being clear after the initial snow fell. Around 4am or 5am there was a small pocket of moderate snow that fell and dumped another inch or two in the area between Downtown KC and the Country Club Plaza.

12/17/2014 Wichita Kansas Snow - B-Roll

Wichita, Kansas saw several hours of moderate snowfall this evening. The accumulating snow created some slick conditions around town.

TRT - 3:43

1) Motorists in the road after a minor fender bender.

2) Wichita police present at the end of an off ramp to warn motorists of the slick conditions present.

3) SUV slid and jumped the curb.

12/16/2014 Grand Rapids, MI Dense Fog B-Roll

Five consecutive days of dense fog for West Michigan. Scenes include video of vehicles moving at a steady pace along I-96 in Kent County; joggers in East Grand Rapids, W-M-T images of downtown blanketed in fog, and calm scenes around Reeds Lake, and the Grand River (north of downtown GR). TRT 1:50

12/16/2014 Saint Cloud, MN Black Ice Travel Hazard I-94

The dramatic drop in temperatures over the last 12 hour\'s with highs in the upper 40s to overnight lows in the low 20s made for extremely dangerous black ice conditions on Interstate 94 near Saint Cloud, MN.

Clip 1 Snow plow rear camera

Clip 2 - 3 Snow plow POV

Clip 4 close up of an SUV Spinning its tires on the glare ice.

12/15/2014 Montevideo, MN - Freezing Rain / Ice Storm B-Roll

Freezing rain is coating the area around the city of Montevideo, MN with over a quarter inch of ice.

Clip 1 Minnesota River sign covered in ice with ice hanging off it.

Clip 2 - 3 Snow plow on highway 212 west of Montevideo trying to scrap the ice off the road.

Clip 4 Road sign covered in ice.

Clip 5 Grass on the ground covered in thick ice.

12/14/2014 Apache, OK Tornado

New footage of the tornado that touched down near Apache, OK this afternoon.

Video includes a tornado forming southwest of Apache, OK. Video shows the funnel developing and extending toward the ground.

12/13/2014 Twin Cities Warm Temps And Dense Fog - B-roll

Video Package Highlighting the near Record Breaking Warm Mid-December Temperatures that are being felt across the Upper Midwest Region this weekend as well as the dangerous travel that has developed due to a dense thick ground fog created via the very warm moist air riding over the frozen ground and rapidly melting snow cover.

Video Footage Includes:

12/11/2014 Westfield, NY Heavy Snow

Footage of cars in ditches & accidents from heavy snow related to persistent Nor'easter over Village of Westfield, NY.  Winter storm warnings are still in place for this Lake Erie town as primary snow band causes dangerous slick snow-covered roads, white-out conditions, and deep snow.

All footage shot during daylight on December 11, 2014 in/near Village of Westfield, NY.

Shot List:

12/10/2014 Rochester, NY Winter Storm Hazards

Footage of traffic nightmare with many vehicles in ditches, highway medians, and smashed against guard rails from slick snow-covered highways in Rochester, NY.  At least 10 vehicles were stranded in ditches along a 1 mile stretch of Interstate 590 in Rochester. I-90 is shut down to tractor-trailer traffic and rush hour becomes gridlock in middle of storm.


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