Amazing Lightning from the Tornadic Supercell in Arnett, OK - 5/26/2016

Footage of tornadic supercell near Arnett, OK with rotating wall cloud, AMAZING anvil crawler lightning, and timelapses of storms.

All footage shot during evening daylight and darkness near Arnett, OK on May 26, 2015 by Juston Drake and Simon Brewer

Russell, KS Severe storms already starting today - 5/26/2016

New footage of the severe storms already firing up today across the heartland as the area is covered in Tornado Watches from Iowa to Texas and to Colorado.

Tornado Aftermath in Abilene, Kansas - 5/26/2016

1 Cleanup at a farm impacted at the intersection of 2600 & Lark road near exit 281 on I-70.

2 Trees striped on branches.

3 Tornado crosses dirt road and impacted tree line.

4 Kitchen sink wrapped around a tree.

5/25/2016 Little Falls, MN Tornado warned and Severe Storm Time lapse

Time lapse footage of the storms around Little Falls, MN that prompted the tornado warning.  Footage is at 2x speed to show the rotation (and so you don't get bored).

4K Footage of the Abilene, KS Tornado - 5/25/2016

Description: Abilene, Kansas
New extraordinary 4K footage of the Abilene, KS Wedge Tornado as is moves towards the camera before cameraman had to get out of the path of the tornado.

Wedge Crosses over Interstate 70 in Abilene, KS - 5/25/2016

Amazing up close video of tornado approaching I-70 just east of Abilene and crossing the interstate. Video then shows tornado as it passes just south of Chapman.

Wedge Tornado from Niles to Abilene Kansas - 5/25/2016

Large torando from Niles, Kansas to Abilene, Kansas with shots from 1/8 of a mile away.



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