7/1/2015 Lees Summit, MO Tornado B-Roll

Video of a tornado as it impacts the City of Lees Summit, MO on July 1, 2015. This is a very densely populated suburb of the Kansas City Metro area. Power flashes and debris is visible in the video.

6/30/2015 Golden Valley County, ND Tornado & Hail

New footage from Brandon Ivey of the hail storm and tornado in Golden Valley County, ND this evening.

1) Tornado north of Sentinel Butte, North Dakota.

2,3) Funnel cloud getting stretched horizontally after tornado lifted.

6/29/2015 Twin Cities Rush Hour Hail Storm

The Twin Cities metro area got one hail of a afternoon rush hour as severe storms dropped large hail, heavy rain and high winds across the north and west metro area.

6/29/2015 Northwestern, WI Severe Storms and Lightning

Severe thunderstorms roll through Northwestern WI with lots of lightning.
Clip 1. Severe thunderstorm spitting out lightning.
Clip 2. Lightning and gust front.
Clip 3 -9 Gust front and lightning in a different area.

6/28/2015 Saint Louis, MO area tornadic storms and flooding

Footage of powerflashes from tornadoes, close dramatic lightning flash, truck in ditch from tornado, dramatic time lapse of tornadic supercell with rotating wall cloud, shots of St. Louis metro City street flash flooding and tornadic storm slamming city.

6/28/2015 Missouri and Illinois Tornadic Storms And Epic Flooding

AN outbreak of severe weather slammed parts of Missouri and Illinois on Sunday evening bringing tornadoes, flooding rains, and hail. Video package includes footage from three different locations/events on the 28th. See description below for information on each location.

6/27/2015 Richland County ND Hail, Tornado and crazy storm structure time-lapse

A tornado warned super cell filled the sky in Richland County, ND which is just south of Fargo, ND. Footage of large hail, time lapse of storm structure and the developing tornado near Fairmont, ND.

Clip 1 Large shelf plowing through the sky while driving.


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