Stock footage rate card

Effective January 1, 2017, our stock footage rates have changed.

Please contact us for the current rate card information.

Our stock footage rates depend on the style of footage such as Car Crashes, Hurricanes, Tornadoes and destruction which will always cost more then video of events like heavy rain, sunsets or tourist B-Roll video. The rarer the footage is will also increase the values of the footage.

The license fees also depend on the length of time for the usage of the material.

If you need Youtube – Internet Advertising, Local, National or Worldwide broadcast rights vs. using the footage for non-broadcast corporate, religious or Tradeshow project, the price will vary dramatically.

Non Broadcast Prices:

“Non Broadcast & Non Youtube” stock video license price’s has been simplified to a rate starting out at $500.00 for the first Twenty (20) seconds of video and then $20.00 per second for each additional second.  We do have a fifteen second base requirement for all stock video sales and bulk rate discounts are available.

Broadcast Prices:

Please contact us for the latest broadcast prices.

Footage Research.  Please Note, we no longer provide any free custom stock footage research since all of our footage is on line on and on for you to research and review.

The charge for BNVN to review your project and compile a demo stock footage reel is $135.00 per hour with a three hour minimum and includes up to 30 minutes of time coded stock footage demo reels or uploaded demo file to use in your project for the final EDL.

Copyright Violations:

Due to spending a lot of time on copyright violations of our footage, post usage license fee’s to obtain a license after the copyright violation is now a “Thirty Second Minimum at $300.00 Per Second.”   Each Additional Second of footage used after thirty seconds is now $150.00 per Second.

This is for all copyright violation broadcast and or non broadcast.  It does not matter if you used our footage in a “YouTube” video or in a major motion picture. The post usage license is our one time offer we will make to you prior to taking legal action.  We will only give you one chance to obtain a license if you are caught using our footage without a license prior to being handed off to our legal department for collections and or legal action.

Footage Research Services

On, you can review our online resolution time-coded virtual stock video demo footage library for free. But sometimes you may need our help since we have thousand’s of stock videos in the BNVN footage archive, which is always growing with new additions.

With our stock footage research services, we will review your project needs and put together a time coded demo video for you to review.  We can ether upload a time coded DV-AVI, DV-MOV, or DV-HD demo for you to download or send you a data DVD-R with the files on it for you to import into your non linear editor.

The time coded demo file and or DVD-R is only to provide you with the demo footage reel and does not cover any costs for the end footage license and or provide any license in any way shape or form for end use of publication and distribution.  In short, it is only for you to use to pick the shots for your project that will work for your project and to then obtain a footage license agreement from BNVN.

The charge for BNVN to review your project and compile a demo stock footage reel is $135.00 per hour with a three hour minimum and includes up to 30 minutes of time coded stock footage demo reels.

Additional time for stock footage review is $100.00 per hour with additional each additional DVD or FTP Demo Reel.

Please feel free to contact us if you need additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Welcome to our frequently asked question’s page, where we try to answer all of the most commonly asked questions we receive.

Question: Now that BNVN has been taken over by, LLC, what changes will their be if any?  

  Answer: Nothing is changing, just expanding the whole operation to better server our clients and contractors.

Question: Why does all of the footage on BNVN have time codes and logos burned on the video?

 Answer: The footage on BNVN is for video production companies, video professional and freelance editors and or producers to be able to pick various stock video clips for their projects. The on-screen time code will allow you to rapidly pick the clips you need so that you can purchase the actual footage license for their project.

Question: Do I need to order a sample DVD reel?

Answer: Yes if you want the highest quality demo footage to preview in your project.

The demo DVD’s depend on the length of the footage needed and are shipped on non-linear editing (NLE) demo DVD or Hard Drive in digital video file format such as DV-AVI, DV-MOV or DV-HD (HD, HDV, or MT2) or in rush order cases, via FTP over the internet.

Since almost every video editing system is now a non-linear system, we only provide footage for non-linear editing (NLE) systems. In some cases we can provide the footage for an extra fee in Mini DV or VHS.

Question: How can I get a higher resolution Flash Video File or FLV to download for my project?

 Answer: You need to sign up to our Producers / Members Access to be able to download the higher resolution MOV Quicktime files.

Question: What is a “Stringer”?

 Answer: Stringer is the news industry term for a freelance photojournalist or freelance videographer.

Question: Does “Fair Use” apply to the footage shot by BNVN?

 Answer: NO, BNVN is in the business of selling footage. Our group of freelance stringers owns the actual copyrights to the footage on the BNVN web site. Any claim of “Fair Use” by the news media or other media outlets and or web sites is a “Copyright Violation”. We do pursue all copyright violations of our work for monetary damages.

Question: What Do We Consider A Copyright Violation?

Answer: Any public display of the footage owned by the group of BNVN stringers without a license is considered a copyright violation. If you upload our footage to another web site, use it in a public broadcast or non broadcast display without a license, you will be in violation of the copyright.

The only download and usage allowed is from our Producers Access / Members section of the high resolution time coded FLV files to use in your NLE system in a working project prior to completion. Once your project is completed, you must obtain a license from BNVN for the public display of the footage that you used in your project.

Question: What will happen if BNVN catches you or your company violating a copyright for our material?

Answer: In most cases we will try to work out a license with the copyright violator prior to handing this off for legal action. We charge three times the normal world wide all media license fee for all material that is in violation, if the violator is willing to admit to the copyright violation and obtain a license for the footage.

We normally give the violators three to five business days to obtain a license once we find them in violation of our copyright(s). If the violator does not agree to obtain a license after being caught using the footage without a license, we hand everything off to our attorneys to pursue.

Question: Where can I find out more information about copyright laws?

Answer: The United States Copyright Office has a detailed paged about United States Code (USC) Title 17. Here is the link to Chapter 5 of USC 17 that describes what could happen if you are found in violation of a copyright.

This is why you need a license to use our footage.

Question: What if I know of a copyright violation, can I get a reward for telling BNVN?

 Answer: YES!!! If you report a copyright violation to BNVN and we successfully recover damages and or obtain a footage violation license agreement, you can make up to Twenty Five Percent (25%) after expenses.

In a recent violation of BNVN copyrighted footage, we recovered $95.00 per second for a 30 second video. The violator decided to obtain a license for the copyright infringement and paid BNVN $2850.00 for the legal rights to use the footage they pulled of a TV show and used in their project.

This means that the finders fee would have been 25% X $2850 which is $712.50 if you would have been the first to report this violation to BNVN.

If you still have question about our site or about the footage rights, please contact us via the contact page.

About StormChasingVideo.Com, LLC.

StormChasingVideo.Com, LLC is a highly specialized news agency documenting in late breaking weather footage.  Unlike our competition, our team consists of hand picked professionals that are highly trained and highly motivated and that many people consider some of the best severe weather videographer’s (storm chasers) in the world.

StormChasingVideo.Com, LLC started out with its roots as Breaking News Video Network, Inc., or BNVN that was formed in the winter of 2000 and incorporated in the spring of 2001 by Doug Kiesling of and Rory Groves of As freelance severe storms photojournalist we were unhappy with the way the industry worked at the time with getting the latest breaking storm footage out to the television networks.The core objective of BNVN was to create a centralized network of freelance storm chaser’s and photojournalist to help each other bring their videos from the field to the national and international broadcaster’s.  But the trick was to do this, all without ever having to transmit the footage over a satellite uplink.  This was years before the video sharing sites such as YouTube and I-Film.

Prior to the year 2000, the way all freelance video was provided to the networks was via satellite uplinks or fiber links.  This meant that if you caught a major news event, you had to call the networks and convince them that you had something worth looking at.  Then you drive into a television station, book satellite time to upload the footage to New York or Atlanta where most of the U.S. television networks are based and once they see the footage, then you work out a price.  When you did feed your footage out over a satellite, in most cases, all of the TV station and other TV networks were watching out for breaking news satellite feeds and could record your footage without you ever knowing about it.

In the summer of 2001, BNVN worked out a way with The Weather Channel in which we were able compress our footage into broadcast quality video files.  Then we could upload those files into an internet server in their Atlanta headquarters.  The files were then immediately decoded and available for broadcast during severe weather outbreaks or scheduled video shoots for their morning show.  We had achieved our goal, satellite uplink quality B-Roll but without the satellite.

It did not take long for the rest of the television news networks to take notice of BNVN and soon we were working with most of the major television networks to supply them with severe weather B-Roll footage.  We have added dozens of freelance videographer’s or “Stringers” around the United States since 2001 and BNVN has been the silent Electronic News Gathering (ENG) partner to the world’s major cable and satellite news channels.

In 2003, BNVN launched our “Stock Video Service” or SVS to meet the demand of the many different stock video requests from various different long format TV producers and corporate production companies.    For year’s we have worked behind the scenes with many of the industries top production companies to supply them with footage for their productions.  Now in October of 2007, we are proud to unveil our new web site for the general public and professional clientele.

Over the years, BNVN has emerged as a leader in the severe weather ENG and stock footage industry.  Our strength comes from our dozens of professional freelance videographer’s united as one company helping each other out.  Our freelance videographer’s know that when they are in the middle of a breaking news event, they will have someone at BNVN to help them out so they can focus on the story at hand, not the business of selling video.

As of 1/1/2012,, LLC. has taken over the day to day operations of BNVN.