Severe Storms Hit Southern IL – 9/4/2017

A line of severe thunderstorms erupted late in the evening across areas north of St. Louis and pushed south and east across southern IL prompting numerous severe thunderstorm warnings from St. Louis and points east along I-64. This front brought multiple rounds of storms through the late evening and overnight to the region.

Numerous reports of flooding and hail came in as the line slowly progressed to the east, along with reports of wind damage. This all coming with a very strong cold front that will drop temperatures nearly 20 degrees this upcoming week ending the summer stretch of days and bringing a hint of fall.

Video comes in two parts, the first part shot in and around Belleville, IL just after dark during the second round of storms as they pushed out of the St. Louis area. This one causing some street flooding in the area.

The second part was shot east on I-64 in Mt. Vernon, showing some lightning as the line of storms moved into Jefferson County as well as some of the heavy rain in town. These storms were not severe when they moved through Mt. Vernon

Shot Description

PART 1 (0:00-2:40) BELLEVILLE, IL

Scene 1: POV driving shot on a rural part of IL-15 southwest of Belleville as the storms moved east.

Scene 2: Heavy rain and wind in street lights.

Scene 3: POV shot out windshield of minor flooding in a city street.

Scene 4-6: Various shots of vehicles driving through standing water on a street.

Scene 7: Vehicle pulled off Rt. 15 in the heavy rains.

Scene 8: Two cars driving through ponding on a road near Belleville.

Scene 9: Man with an umbrella walking through the heavy rain.

Scene 10-11: Shots of heavy rains falling in a street light with a tree in the foreground.

Scene 12-14: Water flowing across a road with a down tree limb in the water.

Scene 15-16: Water coming up through a sewer lid.

PART 2 (4:26) MT. VERNON, IL

Scene 17-20: Various shots of lightning illuminating storm clouds near Mt. Vernon.

Scene 21: Vehicle exiting parking lot in heavy rain.

Scene 22: White car exiting parking lot in heavy rain.

Scene 23: Wide shot of intersection as heavy rain falls.

Scene 24: Tight shot of intersection as heavy rain falls.

Scene 25: Heavy rain falling on parked car.

Scene 26-27: Heavy rain falling in street lights.