First Light video of the extensive tornado damage Louin, Mississippi

Horrific Tornado Damage at First Light captured from Drone in Louin, Mississippi

Shot Description

00:00 (4 Clips) Chicken Houses completely wiped off the map from horrific tornado
00:30 Low Flying pass with many homes destroyed from Tornado
01:25 Trees chopped off 5-10ft above ground
01:47 Home destroyed with vehicles crushed from trees
02:04 High up view of multiple homes completely leveled from tornado
02:20 Roof is completely gone off home and you can look down inside
02:28 Trees snapped and uprooted with homes demolished and debris scattered
03:26 Trees chopped off from tornado 5′ above ground
Multiple clips showing the devastation from the tornado that destroyed a community in Louin, Mississippi. It shows horrific damage.
03:57 Fly over of the extensive damage
04:53 Destroyed home with debris all over the place
05:07 Ground footage
05:38 Drone footage of the damage
06:13 Fly through tree stumps where the tornado snapped off the trees
06:36 More drone footage of the chicken farm destruction

SID: Michael Gordon
#Mississippi #Louin #MSWX #tornado #drone #aftermath

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