Supercell Thunderstorm with large Hail Hits The Amarillo Texas Area

A supercell thunderstorm rolled across the southern plains of the TX panhandle near Amarillo, dumping a swath of hail the size of tennis balls. Drivers scrambled to avoid damage to their vehicles as the hail fell on the open road.
Shot Description

SHOT 1 & 2: Wind-driven hail & debris impacts the roadway and splashes in puddles
SHOT 3: A motorist tries to outrun the approaching hail storm
SHOT 4: Driving down the highway with a rainbow, hail and storm structure
SHOT 5: A hail-covered road with oncoming traffic
SHOT 6: Motorists pull over to the side as hail overtakes the highway
SHOT 7: Driving down the highway as copious amounts of large hail falls
SHOT 8: Shot of 2″ hail being held in someone’s hand
SHOT 9: Panning shot of the storm’s updraft structure at sunset

SID: David Lewison
#weather #hail #hailstorm #Texas #TXWX

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