Huge Pine Tree Pollen Bloom Blankets Everything In Barron County, WI

With the hot and muggy conditions, and the lack of rain. This has setup us up for prime pine tree pollen conditions. The pine trees normally release their pollen in the May and June. This year most of May was colder than average. However a heatwave moved into the area at the end of May. This caused conditions to become favorable for the release of said pollen. The pine trees releasing their pollen has been going on for about two weeks now here in northwestern WI. This video will show the giant release of the pollen as a gentle breeze blew throughout the day.
Shot Description

Clip 1. Pine tree pollen being released as a light winds blows.
Clips 2-3. A close up shot of the tree pollen being released.
Clips 4-5. A different area of the pine tree pollen being blowing by the gentle winds.
Clips 6-8. Blowing pine tree pollen that was released.
Clip 9. A vehicle’s roof covered in pine tree pollen.
Clip 10. “We need rain bad” printed on a back of a vehicle through the pine pollen.
Clip 11. Pine pollen on a hood of same vehicle.

SID: Dirk Miller
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