Dense Smoke Arrives To Blanket The Twin Cities From Canadian Wildfires

Dense smoke from the Canadian wildfires arrives in the Twin Cities following the passage of a cold front earlier in the day. The dense smoke prompted the issuance of Air Quality Alerts across the entire state of Minnesota and Wisconsin for Thursday into early Friday as the Air Quality Index (AQI) reached the Red or Unhealthy category. The following video shows clips from Big Rivers Regional Trail and Pilot Knob Preservation Site in Eagan, Minnesota overlooking the Fort Snelling State Park, Minnesota River, Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport, and Highway 55 as dense smoke blankets the region.
Shot Description

00:00 Wide shots from the Pilot Knob Preservation Site looking northward towards the MSP airport, Highway 55, and the river valley below. Normally Minneapolis would be visible in the background, but the dense smoke is preventing that.

00:15 Two medium shots of two people walking on a path at Pilot Knob Preservation Site as dense smoke blankets the backdrop.

00:41 Medium shot of a group of people sitting at the end of the path at the Pilot Knob Preservation Site, with the MSP airport in the background and the air traffic control tower barely visible in the background surrounded by the dense smoke.

00:49 Close-up shot of the air traffic control tower that is barely visible in the dense smoke.

00:57 Wide and close shots looking down the Highway 55 bridge over the Minnesota River with dense smoke visible across the scene.

01:15 Clip of people walking back to the parking lot of the Pilot Knob Preservation Site with a plane landing in the background obscured by the dense smoke.

01:23 A second shot of a Delta plane landing in the same area as the previous clip with visible haze from dense smoke.

01:29 Various medium shot clips of planes landing at the MSP airport over the Minnesota River with dense smoke visible in every shot obscuring the view.

01:59 A wide shot across the river valley of the MSP airport that is obscured by the dense smoke that is blanketing the region.

02:06 Medium shot of the dense smoke and haze from the Canadian wildfires looking northwesterly towards the I-494 bridge over the Minnesota River in the Twin Cities.

SID: Will Wight
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