Trucks From 100 Miles Away Bring Sand To Try To Repair Turtle Beach?

A controversial beach renourishment/repair project has started this week at Turtle Beach on Siesta Key in Sarasota County Florida. This is a response to damage caused by hurricane Hermine in 2016. For the first time, sand is being brought in by truck from a quarry near Lake Wales nearly 100 miles away instead of using hopper dredges. Sixty to ninety truck loads per day 12 hours per day, 6 days per week will run until June 30 2023. Residents are concerned about the dangers presented by high levels of abnormal semi-truck traffic in an already congested tourist area as well as threats to endangered loggerhead sea turtles during their nesting season which runs now through May.

This package also includes an on screen interview clip with local Siesta Key Beach celebrity and Sarasota County Lifeguard Scooter of the Beach, who can be found on FB at:

Sarasota County official PR site for beach repair project:
Shot Description

00:00 Turtle Beach Park entrance sign pans to dump truck.
00:09 Local beach celebrity & lifeguard Scooter of the Beach talks on camera about the beach repair project.
00:21 Aerial shot of project site at Turtle Beach.
00:35 Trucks lined up with loads of sand to dump.
00:41 A blue heron watches the project site and then flies away as a bulldozer pushes sand across beach.
1:26 Tight shot of couple walking shoreline near massive sand pile with construction fence then pull back to reveal construction site and huge pile of sand.
1:40 Worker and construction equipment on beach.
1:48 Erosion already starting at edge of new sand placement as waves roll on shore.
1:55 Bulldozer pushes sand on top of massive sand pile.
2:11 Bulldozer tracks with Gulf of Mexico in background.
2:16 No trespassing sign and orange construction fence on beach.
2:23 Dump trucks lined up to dump sand.
2:33 Five shots of heavy equipment and dump trucks working at dump site.
3:37 South end of sand pile as edge of shore as worker shows off the size of pile.
3:48 Waves eroding side of sand pile.
3:59 Bulldozer sits idle at top of sand pile.
4:05 Wide shot showing marker stakes.
4:11 Close up of top of marker stake.
4:18 Dump trucks entering Turtle Beach Park from Midnight Pass Rd.

SID: Brian Dombrowski
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