Poughkeepsie, NY Nor’easter, people plows digging out – 3/14/2023

A powerful late-season Nor’easter affected eastern New York, with 8-12″ of snow. Plows had to keep the streets clear and people had difficulty shoveling the heavy wet snow.
Shot Description

SHOT 1 & 2: Snow plows keep the streets clear in Poughkeepsie NY.
SHOT 3: A man uses a snow blower to try to clear a deep snow bank.
SHOT 4: Telephoto shot of a man clearing the sidewalk in front of his business.
SHOT 5: Tight shot of a man chipping ice off the sidewalk.
SHOT 6: Wide shot of people shoveling the snow off the sidewalk.
SHOT 7: A snow plow clears the sidewalk.
SHOT 8: Traffic and a snow plow moving slowly through heavy snow.
SHOT 9: Low shot of a person shoveling snow off the sidewalk.
SHOT 10 & 11: Peropls clearing several inches of heavy wet snow off their cars, as a snow plow drives by.

SID: Dave Lewison
#winterstorm #noreaster #NYWX
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