Intense Winter Storm Leads to Slick Roads – Colorado Springs, CO – 2/14/2023

A high impact #winterstorm hits Colorado Springs, Colo. on Feb. 14, 2023, and turns the roads into an icy headache.

Shot Description

00:00 – Car slides while trying to stop for a red light in heavy snow.

00:10 – Car makes a nice save after sliding sideways around an icy corner.

00:23 – Another makes a save traveling down an icy corner.

00:30 – Tight shot of two cars in heavy snow conditions at intersection.

00:37 – Freeway travel with low visibility and heavy snow.

00:47 – Car struggles up icy road, spinning tires.

00:59 – Another car struggles up icy road, spinning tires.

01:11 – Snowplow clears intersection.

01:33 – Heavy snow and street light.

SID: Trevor Cokley
#cowx #Snow #icyroads

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