Amazing Landscape Cutaways Of Arizona Scenes

A calibration of Arizona landscapes in Timelapse. Great for live sporting events featured in the Arizona Market.

Shot Description

Shot 1: Slider Time Lapse (left to right) of cholla cacti and Saguaro cacti in the Arizona desert. Superstition Mountains near Phoenix, AZ in the background.
Shot 2: Slider Time Lapse (left to right) of mesquite tree with the Salt River and Red Mountain (near Phoenix, AZ) in the background.
Shot 3: Time lapse of puffy clouds over the Grand Canyon. These clouds produced dramatic light and shadows inside the canyon.
Shot 4: Time lapse of Horseshoe Bend with clouds creating light and shadows in the canyon.
Shot 5: Timelapse of Sunset with silhouetted Saguaro Cacti and very colorful sunset colors on the clouds.
Shot 6: Slider Time Lapse (Right to left) various desert vegetation of the Arizona Sonoran Desert.
Shot 7: Timelapse of massive Haboob engulfing Phoenix, Arizona as viewed from the top of South Montanan park.
Shot 8: Tilt Time Lapse (Down to Up) of Sunset with sun flare and various desert plants in the Sonoran desert near Phoenix
Shot 9: Time lapse of Phoenix Arizona’s city lights at Sunset.
Shot 10: Time lapse of Sedona red rocks with some snow, pretty clouds and beautiful blue sky.
Shot 11: Time lapse of lenticular clouds and snow near Flagstaff, Arizona
Shot 12: Time lapse of Sunset captured from Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix

SID: Bryan Snider
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