Extreme Cold Deep Freeze Hits Times Square And Midtown New York City, NY

The coldest temperatures since 2016 plunged NYC down to 3 degrees this morning with windchills in the -15 range where even the hearty NYC Pigeons sought out the warmth along with the tourists.
Shot Description

0:00- Pigeons seeking warmth on a subway grating in Bryant Park, Manhattan.
0:11- Tourists bundled up in Times Square as temperatures hover in the single digits.
0:47- A model and her photographer brave the arctic cold in Times Square during a photo shoot.
1:06- Tourists and New Yorkers bundled up as they walk through Times Square.
1:28- Steam from sewer gratings on the street shroud bundled up pedestrians in Times Square.
1:57- A couple bundled up hold and drink and their hot coffees in Times Square.
2:08- Various shots of pedestrians bundled up from the frigid temperatures.
2:59- Establishing shot of Times Square.
3:09- Telephoto shot of pedestrians in Times Square bundled up from the frigid temperatures.
3:23- Shot of the Bryant Park fountain frozen in ice.

SID: Scott McPartland
#NYC #NYWX #polarvortex #extremecold

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