Arctic Blast In Central Wisconsin – 2/3/2023

The Arctic blast continues across area. Residents of northwestern Wisconsin woke up to another cold morning. With the cold temps life still needs to move on. The official low was 20 below zero. Many folks will be enjoying the warmer temps this week, as we break free from this Arctic blast. Highs are forecasted to warm into the middle 20s tomorrow, and into the 30s on Sunday and Monday.
Shot Description

Clips 1-3. A store thermometer reading 19 below zero at 7:57 this morning. Our official low was 20 below.
Clip 4. Exhaust coming out a vehicle’s tailpipe as it’s warming up.
Clips 5-7. Icicles from different homes.
Clip 8. Steam rising from the open water at the dam in Rice Lake, WI.
Clip 9. A closer shot of the steam rising from the open water. The fish are warmer than we are!
Clip 10. Pancake ice starting to form by the dam.
Clip 11. A closer shot of the pancake ice.
Clip 12. Vehicles driving on main street in Rice Lake, WI. With exhaust coming from their tailpipes.
Clip 13. A different shot of main street with vehicles driving through the shot.
Clip 14. A vehicle sitting at the stoplights with exhaust coming from it’s tailpipe.

SID: Dirk Miller
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