Extremely Icy Interstate 29 in South Dakota Makes Tough Traveling

Ice covered I-29 caused multiple vehicles to lose control this morning and end up in the median or ditch, plows were out scraping and sanding. All shots were along I-29 from the ND/SD border tp Brookings, South Dakota, except for the final clip of the jack-knifed semi, which was one mile north of the border in North Dakota. The area is just north of the impending winter storm starting later today.
Shot Description

1) DOT sign to slow down due to icy roads and high winds
2) Sherriff on scene of spin out
3) Plow blasting ice and snow off I-29 northbound
4) Semi being towed out of median
5) Semi in ditch with Highway patrol on scene
6,7) Plow removing snow
8) Closeup of icy road with semi slowly driving
9) Multiple vehicles in median
10) Ice gradient shown on surface
11) Jack-knifed semi one mile north of SD/ND border

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