Denver, CO Interstate 70 Chaos With Wrecks, Slide Offs and Heavy Snow – 12/28/2022

Denver CHAOS with heavy wet snow! Tons of slide offs, stalled vehicles, cars stuck on bridge, and LIVE spin out in front of me. All videos took place on I-70 in Denver.
Shot Description

00:00 – 00:19 – Live Spin out in front of me
00:19 – 01:09 – Semi cant get up hill, other cars struggle and slid out, crazyness
01:09 – 01:23 – tail end of tesla slid off as he pulls out of his spin and gets back on rd.
01:23 – 03:03 – Dozen Cars stuck and sliding of bridge exit ramp over I70. Cars cant get up hill and slid off towards the left slope of the road.
03:03 – 03:37 – Two Cars slid off and collided, trying to get out
03:37 – END – SUV fish tails and almost loses it and then pulls off side of road.

SID: David Baxter
#Denver #WinterStorm, #crash #snowstorm #Cowx

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