Houses Buried In Deep Snow – Williamsville, New York – 12/26/2022

Powerful blizzard leaves Williamsville, NY neighborhood buried under several feet of deep snow!

All footage shot during evening darkness on December 26, 2022 in Williamsville, NY by Meteorologist Simon Brewer and Michael Gordon.

Shot Description

00:00 Massive overhanging snow cornice off house dwarfs two vehicles-turned into giant snow lumps in Williamsville, NY

00:11 Slither of home is visible between massive snow cornice and huge snow drifts

00:29 Massive snow drift reaches roof of home

00:51 Various scenes of homes, vehicles and neighborhoods buried under several feet of deep snow from intense blizzard

02:03 Large evergreen tree down blocking road and snapping power lines in neighborhood buried under deep snow

02:23 Front loader clearing deep snow in neighborhood

SID: Michael Gordon Simon Brewer
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