Extreme Cold Hits Cheyenne, WY With Minus 60 Wind Chills – 12/21/2022

Minus 60 wind chills we’re brought to Cheyenne, WY by -14.4 F temperatures combined with 35 mph winds following the Arctic cold front passage, followed by a snow squall warning with near zero visibility.

Shot Description

1. Narrow shot -11 bank sign in Cheyenne, WY
2. Wide shot -11 bank sign
3. Pedestrian crosses road in -10
4. Sidewalk clearing plow in Cheyenne
5. Sidewalk plow
6. Pedestrian crosses street
7. Vehicle appears on snowy street
8. Wyoming DOT opens I-25 Southbound at Exit 4
9. DOT snow plow welcomes to traffic to reopened southbound I-25 at the Wyoming, Colorado border
10. I-80 Westbound closed signage
11. I-80 Westbound closed gate
12. I-80 Westbound ramp blocked by police
13. I-25 Southbound closure sign
14. I-25 Forced Exit gate
15. I-25 Southbound on ramp closure gate
16. Snow plow onI-25
17. Snow plow with deicing steam
18. Snow plow close up
19. Wind blown snow in headlights
20. Cheyenne Government building
21. Snow plow in town
22. Snow plow on deserted road
23. Car on snow blown road
24. Car in ditch with hazard lights
25. Dangerous conditions on I-25 near Wellington, CO
26. Snow plow lightning up traffic overpass
27. Bobcat piling snow
28. Bobcat clearing snow

SID: Terrence Cook
#WYWX #Windchill #SubZero #ArcticCold

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