Sam Bankman-Fried Returns To Court As Investors Come Looking For Their Money

Sam Bankman-Fried AKA SBF, the Former FTX CEO arriving this morning at the Bahamas court where he’s expected to waive his extradition rights, according our crew at the scene.

Video of the Corrections Van and Sam getting out of the van in handcuffs while holding paperwork with an extremely heavily armed police presence to secure the area.

Footage also includes FTX Investors that arrived over the weekend to file formal complaints in the Bahamas against SBF and FTX for fraud.

Shot List:

00:00 – Raw footage of the Bahamas Corrections van pulling up to the court house with an extremely heavy police presence to unload Sam Bankman-Fried as he looks like he has dropped a lot of weight since his last interviews on social media and with various news outlets several weeks ago.

01:16 – Footage of foreign investors arriving in the Bahamas to file criminal complaints against Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX and arguing with locals outside the police station.
Screen Credit: SCV/Keith Gomez

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