Blizzard Condition With Whiteouts Shut Down I-76, Fort Morgan, CO – 12/13/2022

Blizzard Warning and white out conditions for Northeast Colorado along I-76 & Highway 52, which both remain closed East of Denver beyond state lines.
Shot Description

1. Wide shot, Interstate closure sign
2. Snow plow busting drifts with Icy Road sign
3. Near white out with 1st Interstate 76 closure truck/sign
4. Brush, CO EXIT 90, Interstate 76 closed
5. Road Closed East bound I-76 @ Exit 90
6. Panning shot of road closure gate
7. Wide shot of I76 road closure gate
8. Snow plow in action
9. Snow plow in near white out with traffic
10. Traffic in near white out Eastbound I-76 near Ft Morgan, CO
11. I-76 signs in near white out
12. Semi exiting I-76
13. Snow plow in action
14. Westbound I-76 closure sign
15. Fast traffic in near white out
16. White out conditions
17. Westbound closure
18. Cones blocking West bound I-76 near Ft Morgan
19. Snow plow in Ft Morgan
20. Bulldozer on city streets
21. Bulldozer crosses street
22. Snow plow
23. Pile of snow
24. Snow plow at gas station
25. McDonalds signs in near white out
26. Big drifts downtown Ft Morgan (3-4ft)
27. Drifts downtown pan
28. Drifts downtown close up (3ft)
29. Drifts downtown
30. Car lot with drifts
31. Larg 4 ft drift in car dealership
32. Large drift next to car
33. Strong winds, blizzard conditions
34. Wind measurement of 35 MPH
35. Snow blown roads
36. Car in snow blown conditions
37. Whiteout conditions at Exit 86 Westbound I-76
38. Closed West bound I-76 gate at Exit 86

SID: Terrence Cook
#CoWX #Blizzard #blizzardwarning #winterstorm

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