Drone Video Showing Catastrophic Damage To Daytona Beach, FL – 11/10

Long Edit of the drone video showing the extensive and catastrophic damage along the shoreline of Daytona Beach Florida from Hurricane Nicole and the storm surge.

Buildings destroyed and foundations undermined as the waves ripped away the sand making the area unsafe for many of the structures.

Shot Description

00:00 Footage of the road block along the beach front properties.

00:11 Several clips of the catastrophic damage to hotels and condos along the beach with the sea walls destroyed and pool areas smashed.

01:34 Long clip of the major damage along the beach front to multiple structures.

02:57 Waves crashing into several destroyed areas.

03:57 Footage of undercut foundations and extensive damage to a large tall condo building.

05:33 Looking out over the waves off shore moving on shore.

05:46 Moving shot over several buildings that have damage.

06:14 Footage of the foundation exposed.

07:16 Destroyed pool decks.

08:13 Fly over shots showing extensive damage to beach front properties.

SID: Michael Gordon
#HurricaneNicole #FLWX #Florida #stormsurge #Drone

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