Tropical Storm Nicole Squalls Hit The Port Of Miami – 11/8/2022

Video from Port Miami in Miami Florida showing outer rain band squall from Tropical Storm Nicole coming in from Atlantic Ocean over the Port of Miami and high-rise building of Miami along the bay front of Biscayne Bay. Normal speed clips and a time-lapse clips showing movement of rain band clouds from north to south along the coast as Nicole spins to the east. Remote camera footage. No audio.
Shot Description

1) Squall passing over Port of Miami Florida. Rain shafts obscure far end of Government Cut.
2) Squall line passing over high rise buildings along Biscayne bay.
3) Wind socks on helipad of adjacent high rise.
4) Another shot of heavy rain and clouds over port.
5) Another closer shot of squall line coming onshore with high rises.
6) Tighter shot of two tops of Miami signature high rise buildings.
7) Heavy rain obscures far east end of port.
8,9,10,11) Four shots of heavy rain obscuring South Beach high rise condos near Government Cut.
12) Time-lapse clips of rain band clouds moving counter clockwise around approaching Tropical Storm Nicole (north to south.)

SID: Brian Dombrowski
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