Hurricane Ian Category 4 Traffic Cams Showing Intense Conditions – 9/28/2022

DOT traffic cameras capture Hurricane Ian’s Cat4 winds blasting I-75 northeast of North Port Florida in Sarasota County the afternoon of Wed Sept 28, 2022. Video shows Ian’s intense winds blowing wind driven rains over the interstate and bending trees. Two vehicles, one pulling a trailer, are seen driving on the interstate during a major hurricane impact.
Shot Description

1) Hurricane winds blast rain down an abandon I-75.
2,3) Hurricane winds blast across I-75 bending trees.
4) A vehicle with hazards flashing is seeing driving alone down the middle of I-75.
5,6,7) Three more scenes of extreme wind driven rain on I-75
8) Vehicle pulling a trailer seen driving down I-75 in hurricane force wind driven rain.

SID: Brian Dombrowski
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