Fort Myers Beach, FL Hurricane Ian After Scenes – 9/30/2022

Fort Myers Beach Search and Rescue Operations in Total Destruction from Hurricane Ian
Shot Description

Clip 1. Search and Rescue Teams digging through home on top of piles of debris
Clip 2. American Flag waving in the wind where a home is completely gone with the ocean and sunset in the background
Clip 3. Search and Rescue Teams on top of a pile of debris from homes searching for survivors
Clip 4. Piles of debris in heaves near roadway
Clip 5-10. Businesses and homes obliterated from the storm surge from Hurricane Ian
Clip 11. Looking out towards the beach with standing pillars and the sunset in the background
Clip 12-16. Mass Destruction of all buildings and homes across the island of Fort Myers Beach
Clip 17. American Flag waving in the wind strapped to the post where a home used to be with sunset
Clip 18-20. Nothing left standing just the stilts that homes used to once sit on
Clip 21. Residents packing things up and riding there bikes down the roadway
Clip 22-25. Homes scattered into piles of debris from storm surge
Clip 26-28. Search and Rescue team along with Army National Guard searching for survivors and the deceased

SID: Michael Gordon
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