Typhoon Merbok Remnants Impacts Nome, Alaska – 9/16/2022

The remnants of Typhoon Merbok are working through the Bering Sea bringing the potential for historic coastal flooding and storm surges as the system works through the region this weekend. High wind warnings are already in place across Nome for sustained winds of 40 to 50 mph winds with gusts up to 80 mph. Coastal flood warnings are also in place as water levels are forecast to be 8 to 11 feet above the normal high tide level. The following video is from Nome, Alaska as the outer bands of the system begin to impact the city. You can see rough seas already beginning to build and hit the coast with winds already sustained around 30-40 mph and heavy rain falling.
Shot Description

00:00 – Clip of the gold dredge Christine Rose from Bering Sea Gold battling strong winds and rain, her flags whipping in the wind.

00:08 – Clip from Front St in Nome, Alaska as heavy rain is falling and being blown by strong winds. Locals are driving by including a Nome Police officer.

00:28 – “Welcome to the city of Nome, Alaska” sign with rough seas breaking in the background.

00:46 – Wide and medium shots from the shoreline of the Bering Sea near Snake River Park in Nome, Alaska of rough seas rolling in and breaking on the shoreline while very gusty winds blow in the background.

01:27 – Video of the rough Bering Seas in the background with local artifacts on the shoreline as the remnants of Typhoon Merbok come into town.

01:59 – Clip of waves breaking over the barrier wall going into the Port of Nome as winds whip the spray over the wall. Strong winds can be seen in the foreground blowing over the grass on the shore and heavy rain is whipped by the camera.

02:10 – A couple of scenes from the Front St in Nome, Alaska as gusty winds and waves break in the background.

02:40 – Video looking south along the shoreline of waves breaking on the shore with heavy rain falling and being blown in the strong winds. A house/business can be seen in the background.

SID: Wayne Bishop

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