Epic Footage Of Multiple Tornadoes Touching Down Near Stratton, CO – 7/26/2022

Several Tornadoes Touch down in Stratton, CO that were very photogenic.

Shot Description

00:00 – Getting into position for Tornado #1.

00:14 – Stationary shot of the classic tornado on the ground with perfect lighting.

00:25 – Timelapse of the second scene with the full video of the tornado on the ground at 1000X speed.

00:34 – Timelapse of the tornado from another camera at 1000X speed where you can see what looks like a Microburst / Downdraft on the left side of the tornado and then fully obscures the tornado.

00:43 – Full clip of the Downdraft / Microburst and tornado that is in real time.

02:15 – Tornado #2 forms right in front of us. Footage is in real time where you can see the debris collar climb up the tornado.

03:50 – Timelapse of the #2 Tornado showing at 1000X the debris collar climbing up the tornado.

04:00 – Tornado #3, POV Driving side shot while paralleling the tornado on the road.

SID: David Baxter III

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