Tornado Warned Storm Funnel Severe Mankato to Austin MN – 7/23/2022

Incredible structure on severe storms near Mankato, a close lightning bolt on a tornado warned storm near Austin, MN plus a small funnel.
Shot Description

00:00 – 00:38 Incredible striations on the updraft and shelf cloud of severe storm near Mankato MN at 11:30am
00:38 – 01:05 Wall cloud and lowering under the base of severe storm East of Mankato MN
01:05 – 01:26 Shelf cloud with a car driving under it in Blue Earth County
01:26 – 01:44 Close CG lightning bolt under shelf cloud of tornado warned storm near Austin, MN
0:144 – 01:54 Driving in the rain and under the base of tornado warned storm near Austin, MN
01:54 – 02:16 Small funnel overhead near Austin, MN
02:16 – 02:24 Severe Storm East of Mason City, IA at 3:00pm
02:24 – 02:43 Time-lapse of shelf cloud, base and wall cloud in Blue Earth County MN

SID: Melanie Metz
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