Barron County, WI Shelf Cloud and Heavy Rain

After much need rain yesterday. Barron County saw another batch of stronger thunderstorms this morning. These storms brought us more much need rainfall. The line of storms had a rather cool looking shelf cloud with it. We did have some gusty winds as it passed over.
Shot Description

Clip 1. Incoming shelf cloud.
Clip 2. Looking towards the southwest of that part of the shelf cloud. Also a hail shaft following the leading edge of the shelf cloud.
Clip 3. Looking towards the west at the shelf cloud.
Clip 4. A pan shot the entire shelf cloud. Bonus was the thunder towards the end of the clip.
Clip 5. Looking a little more towards the northwest at the incoming shelf cloud.
Clips 6-7. Underneath the shelf cloud about one mile north of the city of Barron.
Clip 8. Gusty winds blowing the corn, along with heavy rain falling.
Clip 9. Heavy rain falling with traffic in the background on HWY 53.
Clip 10. Another shot of much needed rain!

SID: Dirk Miller
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