Tomah WI Tornado – Tornado Damage and Drone Tornado B-Roll – 6/15/2022

A strong tornado passed just east of Tomah, WI around 4:00 PM on June 15th, 2022. It crossed I-90 near the I-90/I-94 junction overturning multiple semis and closing I-90 east on the east side of the junction for several hours. Video includes tornado damage from the north side of I-90 to WI Hwy 21, where countless trees were uprooted or snapped, blocking roads. One home was totally destroyed along with a nearby pole building. Cleanup crews were out immediately with chainsaws and heavy machinery clearing roads. Video also shows the tornadic wall cloud with funnel and possible tornado approaching I-90.
Shot Description

1) A home’s roof was torn off which led to wall failure, the home was unoccupied during the tornado.
2) A pole building on a large farm property collapsed, and the nearby home has roof damage.
3) Front end loader pushing trees of a WI Hwy 21, with some traffic waiting for the road to be cleared.
4) Grosbeak Ave trees uprooted, the road is between the badly damaged home and pole building.
5) More trees blocking a road being cleaned up.

6) Three clips of tornado/funnel approaching I-90. The first clip is in real time and the following two clips are sped up 3-4x showing the rotation.
7) I-90/I-94 aftermath with three semi trucks tipped over and a tow crew preparing for next recovery.

SID: Jason Bednar
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