Sedgewick, CO Tornado And Lamar, NE Large Hail And Fog – 6/7/2022

Tornadic supercell near Sedgwick at close-range then large hail and hail fog in Chase County NE
Shot Description

1. Developing wall cloud / supercell storm near Sedgwick, CO.

2. Close-up of rotating wall cloud (two shots).

3. Birds flying and RFD surge / wall cloud over Sedgwick.

4. Pan from wall cloud to “swirl” of developing tornado in clouds.

5. Tornado (weak) passing over Sedgwick.

6. Tornado passes over and southeast of Sedgwick, CO.

7. View of tornado / funnel looking northeast (two shots) while driving south of Sedgwick.

8. Outflow and another supercell / RFD near Holyoke, CO with gustnado.

9. Rotor / tail-cloud feeding into wall cloud (tilting of horizontal vorticity to vertical).

10. Gustnado under RFD of Holyoke / Chase NE storm.

11. Dust storm / outflow south of Lamar, NE in Chase County.

12. Start of hail core, pulling under tree.

13. Shots of hail and hail bouncing (golf-ball / isolated tennis ball sized). 3 similar shots.

14. Hail covering dirt roadway with hail fog.

15. Hail over road, hail fog and sun.

16. Approaching hail fog bank near Imperial, NE.

17. Other vehicles in dense hail fog.

18. Hail fog and hail swath. 2 shots.

19. Street flooding behind storms.

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