Tropical Rain And Flooding, Miami, FL – 6/4/2022

Heavy rain from potential tropical cyclone one flooding roads and highways in the metro area of Miami Florida this morning. Vehicles disabled in flood waters. Vehicles driving in road flooding. Compilation of DOT traffic camera video.
Shot Description

1) Shot of cars disabled in road flood waters. Pull back at end.
2,3,4) Three shots of vehicles driving in flood waters in an underpass below the elevated rail rail bridge.
5) Heavy rain on I-395 at Alton Rd.
6) Heavy rain on I-396 at Ichimura Rd.
7) Heavy rain on I-95 downtown Miami.
8) Heavy rain on I-195 near Biscayne.
9) Heavy rain and traffic splashing on I-95.
10) Heavy rain and dark clouds with skyline of Miami on I-395 at Parrot Jungle.
11) Heavy rain on I-395 at north Miami Ave.
12) Heavy rain at scene of accident with traffic piling up on I-95 at 79th st.
13) Traffic splashing ponding water on 36th ave.
14) Accident scene in heavy rain on FL turnpike near I-75.
15) Rain and dark fragmented clouds moving downtown Ft Lauderdale.
16) Heavy rain overlooking Port Miami cruise ships.

SID: Brian Dombrowski
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