Stacy, MN – Tornado Warned Storm, Tower Cam – 5/9/2022

Tornado warned storm near Stacy MN. Video from MN DOT remote operated traffic cameras shows what appears to be a large funnel. Camera located near Wyoming MN looking north at the time as shown in the source video camera position onscreen overlay.
Shot Description

1) Zoomed in clip of a long duration shot of the tornado warned storm near Stacy, MN.
2) Long duration shot of tornado warned storm just before 530pm CDT. Video shows what appears to be a fat funnel left of center of shot. Operator moves camera to center and then scans the whole storm structure.
3) Another video as funnel dissipates into cloud base from another camera in the area.
4) Storm pulling away shows contrast of sun backlighting the storm.

SID: Brian Dombrowski

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