Red River Basin Flooding And Damage in ND and MN – 4/28/2022

Flood waters are beginning to recede in some areas revealing damaged infrastructure in Traill County and Steele County of North Dakota, however a new flood watch was just issued for the region in anticipation for this weekends storms. Many roads are washed out near Hatton, ND, as multiple culverts have failed, and one homeowner lost his driveway to a massive washout that now looks like a 30 foot ravine due to a failed drop structure and culvert. The overland flooding from last weekends storms on top of the recent snowmelt was too much water, too fast for the area to handle. This area drains into the Goose River, a tributary of the north flowing Red River.

Up near Oslo, MN, the Red River has turned into more of a lake, flooding miles of farmland. Water levels have been holding around 37.5 feet, the predicted crest, for the last 24 hours and is forecast to start dropping overnight into Friday, April 29th.
Shot Description

1) A massive washout where a drop structure failed in Steele County, ND, six miles west of Hatton, ND.
2) Drone flying through the washout followed by a drone overhead view of the damage.
3) Several scenes from ground and air of two different washed out roads/culverts, tributary of the Goose River. Quarter mile west of Co Rd 18 five miles south of Hatton, ND on the border of Traill/Steele Counties.
4) Up near Oslo, MN farmland has turned into a lake due to the Major Flooding ongoing.
5) Water surrounding a unique barn home with Oslo, MN in the background and also showing miles of floodwaters.

SID: Jason Bednar
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