Heavy Snow Impacts Twin Cities Suburbs – 4/3/2022

A low-pressure system worked across the Twin Cities late Sunday evening bringing mixed precipitation that ended up changing over to heavy snow resulting in several inches of snow accumulating in a short period of time all across the region. The following clips are from a southern suburb of the Twin Cities, Eagan, where heavy snow resulted in slick conditions and reduced visibility. An estimated 2.0 inches of snow fell in about a 2-hour timeframe.
Shot Description

00:00 Several clips of cars and trucks driving by as heavy snow and large snowflakes fall.
00:41 Video of large flake falling reducing visibility as the ground is snow-covered. The snow was falling away from the camera.
00:48 Clip of the large snowflakes falling towards the camera with reduced visibility and snow-covered ground.
00:55 A clip of a car turning as heavy snow continues to fall. The car has trouble gaining traction and the tires spin as it tries to complete the turn.
01:11 Two clips of heavy snow falling in the light of a neighboring apartment complex as a tree covered in snow glows white. The ground, cars, and the surroundings are all covered in a couple of inches of snow.
01:35 Heavy snow falls in the background with a medium shot of vehicles covered in at least an inch of fresh snow.
01:50 Couple clips looking into the sky. The first clip is of a closer shot with a tree and heavy snow and large flakes falling all around. The second shot is a wider shot from another angle looking up as heavy snow and large flakes fall from the sky being lit up by apartment lighting.
02:04 Wide shot of a snow-covered parking lot lined with snow-covered cars and heavy snow and big flakes falling.
02:18 Overhead shot from a balcony as heavy snow falls over the park lot and surroundings.
02:34 Another wide shot of heavy snow falling in the parking lot with car tracks visible in the middle of the shot.
02:57 Heavy snow falls on snow-covered vehicles and ground.

SID: Will Wight
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