Late Season Snow, Barron County, WI – 3/23/2022

It may be spring, however winter is trying it’s best to hang on.
The storm system that is bringing all the severe weather down to the south has brought a return to winter in northern/northwestern WI. After some very nice warm temps the last couple of weeks. We have lost most of our snowpack. This morning’s rain changed over to all snow for a period.
Shot Description

Clip 1. Ducks with heavy snow falling.
Clip 2. Up and down pan shot of trees with heavy snow falling.
Clip 3. Trees with heavy snow falling with some remaining snowpack.
Clip 4. A squirrel in a tree with snow falling. Then said squirrel running out of the frame.
Clip 5. A vehicle starting to get covered in snow.
Clip 6. A covered up boat waiting for ice out to get on the water. Heavy snow falling, and a vehicle driving through the shot.
Clip 7. A closer shot od the covered up boat with heavy snow falling.
Clip 8. Snow falling with a flag and trees blowing in the wind.
Clip 9. Trees with snow falling.
Clip 10. A closer shots of the trees with snow falling.
Clip 11. Pine trees with snow falling.
Clip 12. A closeup shot of a pine tree with falling snow.
Clip 13-14. Snow accumulating on the ground.
Clip 15. Snowflakes falling onto a wet grill.
Clip 16. A closeup shot of snowflakes falling onto the wet grill and melting.
Clip 17. Snow covered tarp and table.
Clip 18. A patch of remain snow with news snow starting to stick to the ground.

SID: Dirk Miller
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