Allergy Storm, Massive Pollen Bloom Ahead Of Severe Storms – Eufaula, AL – 3/16/2022

Allergy Storm along with severe weather including hail from a large supercell travels across Southern Alabama. Crazy drone footage of the pollen in the tree’s exploding and blowing off as the storm front hits it the area. Additional footage of the hail, flooding, lightning and drone footage of the storm at a distance and people in boats trying to take shelter under a bridge.
Shot Description

00:00 – Insane footage of the gust front kicking up the massive pollen bloom into the area from the tree’s near Eufala
02:13 – Clips of 1/2″ hail piled up and scattered across ground
02:58 – Flooded roadways in Brundidge, AL with vehicles driving through it
03:09 – Hail bouncing off roadway
03:21 – Lightning crossing the skyline in front of large hail storm
03:37 – Boaters taking refuge from the storm under a bridge
04:05 – Drone footage above Troy, AL as large severe thunderstorm warned storm approaches

SID: Michael Gordon

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