Winter Storm, SW Michigan Northern Indiana – 2/2/2022

Compilation of mid-morning and early afternoon winter storm scenery and road conditions from Southwest Lower Michigan and Northern Indiana along the US-131, I-94, I-69 corridor and the I-80/90 Indiana toll road.
Shot Description

0:00-0:20 = Snow plow truck passes, Bobcat clearing snow from parking zones, Schoolcraft, Michigan / Kalamazoo County, MI.

0:21-0:27 = US-131 mid-morning road conditions, snow plow and traffic. St. Joseph County, MI.

0:27-0:31 = Winter Storm Warning in effect until 7p MDOT sign. Calhoun County, MI.

0:32-0:47 = Car slid off I-69 with Michigan State Police, tow truck assisting driver in snowy conditions near Marshall, MI / Calhoun County, MI.

0:48-0:54 = Poor interstate conditions along I-69, Calhoun County, MI.

0:55-1:31 = Passing a plow truck clearing shoulder of US-131 with additional snowfall shot, St. Joseph County, MI.

1:31-1:46 = Tractor plow clearing snow from parking lot, St. Joseph County, MI.

1:47-2:16 = Poor snow covered road conditions on US-131, St. Joseph County, MI (Michigan/Indiana border).

2:16-2:23 = Semi truck stuck in ditch off road in heavy snow, US-31, Elkhart Co. Indiana (Michigan/Indiana border).

2:24-2:34 = Driving views, close shots of tires in snow, US-131, St. Joseph Co. Michigan (Michigan/Indiana border).

2:34-2:55 = Ice Covered Roads – Reduce Speed Now INDOT sign with plow, additional traffic on I-80/90 toll road (Steuben Co. IN)

2:56-3:12 = Moderate to heavy snow, low visibility, I-94, Calhoun County, MI (near Battle Creek, MI).

3:13-3:47 = 10″ of measured snowfall accumulation on deck, beauty shots with regional birds enjoying the snow around 2p ET.

SID: Blake Naftel
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