Fire Fighters Battle Sub Zero Temp While Battling Fire, New Prague, MN

Three fire city departments battle a fire at the Minnesota Valley Engineering (MVE) Biological Solutions plant in New Prague, Minnesota, in tempertures -13 degrees below zero. MVE Biological Solutions produces cryogenic storage products and related solutions.

Shot Descriptions
0:00 – Bank temperature at negative 13 degrees in New Prague
0:06 – Gas station thermometer not able to read cold temp and says “NA”
0:11 – Wide scene of fire vehicles with hose and water on from fighting frozen on street
0:21 – Medium shot of fire vehicles, smoke pouring out of building and water frozen on street
0:27 – Medium close shot of steam coming off of fire truck
0:37 – Firefighters warming up in rescue truck come out with steam coming off of them
0:53 – Close up of firefighters in heavy gear with smoke
1:02 – Close up of firefighters in heavy gear with smoke and snow on ground
1:10 – Medium shot zooming in of ladder truck and other emergency vehicles with smoke pouring out of building
1:23 – Firefighter digging in snow to turn off gas main and a widens to shot of “MVE Biological Solutions” sign and then wide to scene of emergency vehicles
1:47 – Wide shot of lots of smoke pouring out of building and panning to follow flume

SID: Jarrod Schoenecker

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