Louisville, CO Burning Homes From Extreme Wildfire – 12/30/2021

Wildfire creeps into a NW Louisville suburb as firefighters search and clear neighborhood by neighborhood as Houses burn on the West side of town.
Shot Description

1. Firefighters retrieve hose and battle fire with choking smoke and embers falling
2. Fire fighter fighting fire approaching house
3. Firefighters pull second hose as fire approaches
4. Smoke roars overhead as cars line-up in evacuation
5. Fire burns through grass with Sun behind
6. Smoke Plume being blows
7. Photographer working the event
8. Flames in the wind
9. Wide shot of smoke
10. Houses burning on ridge
11. Strong wind rattles sign with houses on fire in background
12. Close up of houses burning through smoke
13. Traffic under smoke plume
14. Locals watch on less than 1/4 from the fires edge
15. Smoke flying by at 80+MPH
16. Smoke flying through the sky
17. Fire moving rapidly behind someone’s house
18. Houses burning in West Louisville
19. Traffic under giant smoke plunme
20. House on fire in high winds
21. Houses on fire
22. House continues burning

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