Rice Lake, WI Winter Solstice Snow – 12/21/2021

Winter Solstice brings a round of snow to the northwestern WI this morning to ring in winter. The snow has slowed the traffic this morning.
Shot Description

Clip 1. A truck recovering from a spin out.
Clips. 2-4. Rice Lake street department snow plows plowing snow.
Clip 5. Truck tires kicking up snow as it enters the shot.
Clip 6. Front wheel drive car tires kicking up snow as it leaves the shot.
Clip 7-10. Different snow covered pine trees with heavy snow falling.
Clip 11. Snow covered cattails with snow falling.
Clip 12. People out ice fishing in the snow.
Clip 13. Traffic on HWY 53 is traveling a little slower today.
Clip 14. Metal Willy Mammoth statue getting snow covered with snow falling.

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