Boulder County, CO 94MPH Wind Gusts – 12/15/2021

An extreme Bora Wind Event visited the Front Range bringing constant 40 mph winds with 80-90 gusts! Filmed across Boulder County, CO along highway 93.
Shot Description

1. Utility poles downed where an Enterprise truck was blown over
2. Close up on blown over truck
3. Downed utility pole swinging in the wind
4. Driving shot of over-turned truck
5. Broken stop lights at construction intersection
6. Broken stop light in wind
7. Snow plow clearing small branches from Highway 93
8. Vance Brand Airport wind sock at full report
9. High winds in tall grass
10. Waves on small reservoir
11. Dust storm forms
12. Dust obscuring mountains
13. Large dust clouds coming down foothills
14. Snow squall approaching Longmont at Sunrise
15. Pan of Snow Squall
16. Main convective updraft of snow squall

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