Hurricane Nicholas Aftermath, Sargent Beach, TX – 9/14/2021

Damaged roads and homes caused by storm surge and high winds after landfall of Hurricane Nicholas in Sargent Beach, TX.

All footage from morning daylight on September 14, 2021 in Sargent Beach, TX by Meteorologist Simon Brewer

Clip Description

1. trucks driving through storm surge flooded road as water recedes

2 & 3. leaning utility poles from high winds

4 & 5. wind and surge damage in Sargent Beach

6. Pelican roughed by hurricane with turbulent waves in background on Sargent Beach

7. Sargent Beach Welcome Sign

8. turbulent Gulf of Mexico with large swells the morning after landfall of Hurricane Nicholas in Sargent Beach, TX

9-18. various clips of road damage and debris from storm surge in Sargent Beach, TX

19-30. various clips of damage and debris in Sargent Beach, TX from storm surge

31-34. vehicle trapped in deep water in ditch after going off highway with police assistance near Sargent Beach, TX

SID: Simon Brewer

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