Dutchess County, NY Flooding – 9/2/2021

Over 5 inches of rain fell across southern NY state in under 12 hours, leading to significant flooding of the small creeks & streams in the area. These floods closed major roads all across the region.
Shot Description

SHOT 1: The Wappinger Creek turned into a raging white water river down a hillside.
SHOT 2: A car driving through a flooded road.
SHOT 3: Point-of-view driving on a road with 12″ of flowing water.
SHOT 4: Two trucks driving through a flooded street.
SHOT 5 & 6: The Wappinger Creek flowing wildly through trees and homes.
SHOT 7: Point-of-view driving on a flooded road with a Police vehicle & flashing lights.
SHOT 8: Two vehicles driving down a flooded street.
SHOT 9 & 10: An overflowing creek inundates nearby forest and comes dangerously close to overtopping a bridge.
SHOT 11: Flood waters race past a building in Wappingers Falls NY.

SID: David Lewison

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