Concord, WI Tornado Damage – 7/28/2021

Dashcam video of lightning, driving through various areas of tornado damage in and around Concord, WI immediately following multiple QLCS tornadoes and straight line winds
Shot Description

0000-0035: lightning
0035: WI state patrol blocking construction zone debris on I94 eb
0052: major powerlines down and debris across road, sheriff blocking road in concord
0250: multiple clips; lots of trees and limbs blocking road in concord, cars going around debris
0523: local FD blocking road from concord to ixonia for debris on road and welfare checks of residences
0553: multiple shots of farm/residential debris and trees blocking road to house
0852: firetruck drives through debris as lightning still flashing overhead, more damage and debris in Concord
1053: flares and sheriffs dept blocking road out of concord
1120: multiple shots downtown(?) concord lots of tree damage and minor residences damaged, road impassable
1252: veterans memorial in concord damaged, flagpoles all crooked
1345: more tree damage, blocked roads
1427: firetruck coming through torn up area of concord
1540: law enforcement blocking roads in concord

SID: Connor Healey

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