Amherst Junction WI Severe Storm Damage – 7/29/2021

Video of storm damage from the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station near Amherst Junction, Wisconsin on July 28, 2021. Between 10pm to 10:35pm a severe line of storms went through the area with both a tornado warning and severe thunderstorm warning being out for the area. A possible couplet went near this location.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Camera pans over down trees and tree branches.
Shot 2: Stepping around a large downed tree and then pans over to more downed large tree branches.
Shot 3: The camera pans across an open field with a knocked down volleyball yet.
Shot 4-5: Video of several branches that had fallen from nearby trees.
Shot 6: Camera pan across the grounds at the station and shows two tents that were damaged and falling over due to the strong winds with tree branches down.
Shots 7-8: Video of more very large sections of trees and branches down.
Shot 9: Alexander Kinda explaining that there used to be a trail, but now it is completely blocked by downed trees and that you can smell all the pine from the trees being knocked over. Last part of video is a very large uprooted chunk of trees uprooted.
Shot 10: Camera being panned over a lake shows trees down across the water and into the lake, adn then trees and damage down all around him.
Shot 11: Another shot of the camera panning showing several large trees down with the lake and kayaks in the background.
Shot 12:

SID: Alexander Kind

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