2/28/2017 Washburn, IL Tornado Fully Remastered Long Edit

This is the remastered full video of the Washburn, Illinois tornado that occurred on February 28, 2017. This video is a mix of GoPro Hero 4 dashcam video and regular camera video of the development, formation, and full life cycle of the tornado as it touches down around the small town of Washburn, Illinois, and then track off to the northeast. At one point, the tornado goes out of frame to the right, which is where I cut in with video I grabbed on my camera and the angle briefly changes before coming back to inside the car on the dashcam. During that period, as the tornado is to the right (off-screen), the tornado hits a farmstead leveling a barn and causing minor damage to the back of a home on the property. Later in the video, you will see us going and stopping to make sure the people in that home are alright. They do end up being okay, just a little shaken up, as well as the pets that were outside.

This tornado was later surveyed by the NWS and was given the official rating of an EF-3 tornado with 150-160 mph winds, an 18-mile path length, and a max width of 600 yards.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Dashcam video of the lifespan of the Washburn, Illinois tornado.
Shot 2: Secondary camera view when tornado goes out of view of dashcam.
Shot 3: Returns back to dashcam video and us going to check on house that was hit.

SID: William Wight

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