Extensive Hail Damage In Norman, OK 4/29/2021

On April 28, 2021, a supercell producing baseball-size hail ravaged a large portion of Norman, OK, causing extensive damage to cars and buildings.
Shot Description

1-27. Various wide and tight shots of numerous cars with shattered windshields and back windows and extensive body damage at several car dealerships and businesses in Norman.
28-29. Traffic light torn off of support beam due to hail damage, along with flashing red lights due to power outage.
30. Stop sign toppled by strong winds.
31-32. Power crews attempting to fix damaged traffic lights.
33-34. Flooding from heavy rain in a Crest grocery store parking lot.
35-36. Neon sign damaged due to hail at a Crest grocery store in Norman.
37-38. Neon sign damaged due to hail at a 7-11 convenience store in Norman.
39-40. Windows broken due to hail at an apartment complex in Norman.

SID: Trey Greenwood

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