Benjamin, Texas Tornado and Supercell – 4/27/2021

A tornadic supercell tracked across north-central Texas producing softball sized hail and a few tornadoes. The following video is from near Benjamin, Texas of a multi-vortex tornado that later became very strong and rain wrapped. You will also see video of a back window being blown out from the softball sized hail and a clip of the violent rotating supercell.
Shot Description

Shot 1: A multi-vortex tornado touches down near Benjamin, Texas.
Shot 2: You can see the left side of what is becoming a very rain wrapped tornado in a high precipitation supercell with very strong winds.
Shot 3: Video of a back wind of a truck blown out by softball sized hail.
Shot 4: A look at the violent rotating wall cloud on the tornadic supercell.

SID: Connor Healey

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