Late Season Snow, Barron County, WI – 4/13/2021

The start of April was very warm across the area. Highs were in the 70s to the lower 80s.
Fast forward to today April 13th. Old man winter decides to put up another fight for control.
We had off an on snow showers this afternoon. Some of which brought heavy snow to the area. With the warm ground temps and the scattered nature of the activity the snow really didn’t accumulate. Winds around 20 MPH made the today a blustery chilly day.
Shot Description

Clip 1. Graupel hitting and bouncing off the ground.
Clip 2. Graupel falling with irises that came up early this year.
Clip 3. A picnic table waiting for warmer weather as heavy snow was falling.
Clip 4. Heavy snow falling.
Clip 5. Looking at some docks with heavy snow falling.
Clip 6. Heaving snow falling with a house roof slowly getting white.
Clip 7. Looking across the Red Cedar river with heavy snow falling. and blowing.
Clip 8. Looking across Rice Lake with heavy snow falling.
Clip 9. A flag blowing in the wind as the snow was falling.
Clip 10. Snow starting to stick to another roof.
Clip 11. A different shot of the picnic table while heavy snow is falling.
Clip 12. A close up shot of trees blowing in the wind with snow falling.

SID: Dirk Miller

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