Overnight Storm Creates Street Flooding, Great Bend, KS – 4/6/2021

Severe storms continued into the overnight hours across central Kansas as watches were extended well into the overnight as new storms developed and moved across the central into northern Kansas..
Shot Description


Clips 1-5: Various shots of heavy rain and hail coming down on a gas station in Great Bend.

Clip 6: Some hail coming down in the torrential downpour.

Clip 7: Wide shot of rain and hail filling a street as a pickup turns into a parking lot in the background.

Clips 8-10: Various shots of rain and hail coming down during the storm.

Clip 11: Pickup truck plowing through street flooding in Great Bend.

Clip 12-15: Various shots of traffic navigating flooded roadways in Great Bend as rain comes down.

Clip 16-17: Lightning flashes from the storms.

SID: Tornadoes Kick Media

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